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5 Most Popular Watersports

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Watersports Are Popular With Outdoor Enthusiasts

We can have lots of fun in the water. Many people around the world achieve this by engaging in watersports. These are sporting activities that are easily conducted on the water or underwater. They often require specialized equipment. Once you begin engaging in watersports, you are instantly hooked. The fun and adrenaline pumping action will keep you going back into the waves for more. Here are the 5 most popular watersports today.


Watersports and surfingPopularized in television shows such as Baywatch, surfing has been a popular watersport for many decades. Also known as bodyboarding, this high octane watersport was born in Hawaii. Some of the best surfers in the world come from Hawaii and they took many years to master this sport. To surf, you need to have great swimming skills, balance, stamina and a sense of adventure. This watersport is conducted using a surfboard. It is a fun and exciting sport to engage in while enjoying the waters of the ocean.

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

This is a very new type of watersport. It combines sport and exercise in a fun way. When you engage in SUP, you are able to get a complete workout form your arms to your legs. In this sport, you need to use your arms to paddle the board. You also need to balance it. This results in a very strong core. In addition to these, you need to use your legs to balance the board. As such, they get strong and toned over time. Learners of this amazing sport normally begin by balancing their board and paddling in flat water. Those who are experienced with this sport are able to paddle their boards over long distances facing the downwind direction. They are also able to surf large waves while standing up with specially made boards.

watersports - paddleboarding


Originally a true method of traveling, kayaking has developed into a water sport. It has been around for decades and today, you can enjoy kayaking for fun or competition. From kids to adults, everyone can enjoy some kayaking. Named after the craft that one sits in, kayaking can be done alone or in pairs. This is referred to as singles and doubles. As such, you can enjoy this amazing activity alone, as a family or with your significant other. Kayaks are designed such that they can store bags and small packages. Thus, you can pack your lunch, drinks or snacks and paddle away in your kayak. These boats are pretty large. Thus, it is better to rent one where you are headed than to carry your own, unless you have a car.

SCUBA diving

scuba diving water sports

SCUBA stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. It is hugely popular all over the world. Many people strap on the scuba gear and go to explore the deep unknown. You can strap on this gear and enjoy swimming among colorful angel fish or go to observe scary sharks in their habitat. SCUBA diving has been officially accepted as water sport. Since it involves using specialized equipment, one must first of all get SCUBA certified. This shows that they can effectively operate and maintain the equipment.


This is a water sport that is very similar to SCUBA diving. However, one does not carry a tank full of oxygen. You simply wear a mask with a snorkel attached to it for breathing when one is close to the surface of the water. It is an exciting sport that is favored by those who simply want to watch

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