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5 Reasons Why You Need To Try Kayaking At Least Once

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Kayaking Kicks Ass!

When choosing a game or a leisure activity kayaking should be top on your list. Kayaking is the use of a kayak to paddle across water. There are limitless reasons why you need to try this adventurous and healthy exercise. Among them are:

lake kayaking

Kayaking is a highly effective way of exercising

Once you sit on the kayak to paddle there are several parts of the body that you exercise, these are; shoulders arms, back, legs and core muscles. You also build your muscle definition. The ultimate result of this is that you burn a lot of calories and also keep fit. Some resorts or beaches offer kayaking exercises with intervals between kayaking sessions which further improves your agility and fitness. Among the kayaking exercises are sit-ups push-ups, sit-ups and a little stretches which improves your cardiovascular fitness.

It’s fun

kayaksMost kayaking destinations are endowed with a lot of scenery. Hence if you love enjoying natural scenery kayaking is the sport to look out for. It is suitable for couples, single people and is a sport where you mingle and interact with people hence offers you a chance to meet new people make friends and have fun. You might be wondering by now whether you can have private time with your loved one and have lots of fun. Well this sport also offers you this opportunity; you just have to choose the right destination for this, as there are beaches for private kayaking.

It is not that costly

In the stressful economic times people want to have fun at minimal costs. Kayaking is one sport that does not consume all your savings on leisure and gives you and your spouse, friends and family an opportunity to enjoy to your fullest. So how cheap is cheap? It is not cheap until you join a kayaking group. Once you are in this group you could save up to 100usd in a month and collectively hire kayaking equipment at lower costs due to a higher bargaining power. In addition you can now plan your kayaking trips and tours as a group and source for cheap kayaking destinations.

Stress reduction

kayaking at sunsetAnother aspect of health benefit from kayaking is the mental calmness that comes with kayaking .This increases your ability for having collective thought and eliminates chances of suffering from stress and depression. In addition spending time in open air away from the busy roofed environment, watching the green and leafy environment entices the relaxation/feel good hormone-endorphin which triggers a relaxing feeling that frees you from stressful feelings and thoughts.

It is Adaptable and versatile

family kayakingWith kayaking you can explore the options from kayaking for leisure with friends and family or racing with friends. Regardless of your definition for fun kayaking offers fun from all perspectives. If having fun is racing in a crowd is what gives you satisfaction major beaches offer racing opportunities in kayaking while for private or family kayaking you need to search for specific beaches or lakes that offer this opportunity. Did I say lake? Yes that brings me to the fact that kayaking is adaptable and can be done anywhere on a lake river ocean or a large pool. While for many the beaches around the ocean are their preference the pool rivers and lake is a new way of exploring kayaking. Check out the awesome kayak selection at Amazon.

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